reigniting Inner wisdom, bridging possibilities, expanding consciousness
i bring messages for a more expanded life!


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To the art of being a better human being

Integrated Personal Guidance, Heart Based Teachings, Therapies

Integrated Personal Guidance

Individualized care and guidance. A Journey towards Self Mastery. Bridging spirituality and practical daily life and Reigniting Inner Wisdom via Heart Center;

How would it be to expand perspectives and possibilities?

Heart Coherence Teachings

Science of the heart for a more Intelligent and Higher way of being and living life?

What if you can live a life with more access to your Heart's Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, unlocking your authenticity while performing with balance at your best?

Enhanced Project

Project that aims to enhance people lives through holistic therapies, coaching, healing and meditations.

Presented by Gus Lazarin & Mah Marra


Learn how to see.
Realize that everything connects to everything else

Leonardo Da Vinci


Gus mission is to simplify lives, bridge possibilities and help in the expansion of human consciousness, doing that mainly through the seas of content, entertainment, and art.

We are in the first steps of the next stage in our consciousness evolution, where the Heart is pivot and an Integrated Life is key!

In Personal Integrated Guidance, Gus goes through processes to the art of being better, to expand our vision about life, making it more efficient, significant and Integrated. Navigating the seas of Self Mastery, the approach is holistic:  Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul. We cover Mental Science, Emotional Balance, Practical Spirituality, Self Knowledge, Performance, Manifestation and more.

As a mentor of the HeartMath Institute, Gus teaches simple and science-based techniques, used by 500 Fortune companies, that adds Heart into everyday lives, helping people to live a life of more refinement and excellence, connecting us to more of who we truly are, while transforming stress into resilience, improving performance, health and overall happiness.

We work on key attributes that are on the front line of the everyday lives of the world we’re building. The next level of human consciousness.

More and more people are experiencing the benefits of complementary therapies in their daily lives. Whether is for healing, self empowerment, increase in stamina, less anxiety and depression or self knowledge, people are awakening to the fact that the taboo regarding these therapies are in the past, and they are a present in our present, as will play a key-important role in our future.

Access Bars Facilitator and Practicioner, Reiki Usui Master, Quantum Healing Techniques, Crystal Healing

Gus is co founder and owner of the Enhanced Project, a project that aims to enhance people’s lives through a combination of different initiatives.

In Entertainment, Gus writes English and Portuguese songs, with commercial and self-reflection purposes. In Art, Gus is also part of the audiovisual seal Lamenic Cinematography, as an advisor and video maker and editor.

Art is life, life is art. There’s no self development or noble life without the creativity, sensibility and outer world experiences contain in art. 


Enhanced Project

Project that aims to enhance people lives through holistic therapies, coaching, healing and group meditations. Presented by Gus & Mah.



“I’m not sure of what’s going on or what to do”


A get to know chat

Straight forward compassionate

Guidance, directions and clarity

Better navigate the “New World”

What else is possible in your life?

55, 44min

One time only

Better prepared to navigate the “New World”

Deeper self knowledge and connection with authenticity

Mind, body and emotions refinement

Sustained high performance with more happiness, discipline, health and emotional balance

Mindset and Heartset


Higher and better choices in life, making it to simpler, easier and more efficient 

Life hacks and reflections, homework and extra material

Practical Spirituality


*Regular 3x is currently at a special value due to these challenging times. Let’s make ourselves better and more integrated! 




Guidance and coaching for Self Mastery! Let’s have a more efficient life, with more self knowledge, higher choices and integration. 

It includes HeartMath Techniques and content tailored for your needs.

€111, 55min

Regular 3x month, 33min each, €93 total *SPECIAL VALUE 




“Help in your process of waking up”

Expansion of consciousness and self awareness

Straight forward compassionate

Deal better with the connection between spirituality and practical daily life

Embrace your shadows fearlessly but with self love

Heart, Mind and Emotions working together

Contains science based techniques (if applicable)

“Wake up” more and more

We will meditate together

*SPECIAL VALUE to support your awakening through these times 

€45, 40min (add a Distance Reiki for more €25, total €70)

*Regular 2x month, 33min each, €77 total

Better prepared to navigate the “New World” and the “New You”

Individualized care and guidance

Navigation towards making your life easier, simpler, more efficient and with vibrancy and fulfillment!

*Note that a consultation is a prerequisite to enroll in order for me to analyse if the program suits you and your needs.


Self Awareness, Self Knowledge 

Better director of your attention, focus, energy and creation of life! 

Life hacks, support material, videos recommendations, homework




A closer and more continuous approach. A commitment in the pursuit of more Self Mastery. 4 meetings work program towards refinement and integration of the facets of who you are! 

*Pre made program with adjustments according to the level of understanding-consciousness

€387, 4 meetings, 44 min each :: total time frame is 1 to 2 months


The processes require payment in advance. After session is pre-booked, you will receive an email with the next steps. *Due to high demand, there might be a waiting period. I appreciate your consideration **If the available slots won’t suit you, write me to discuss possible alterations (case to case basis)

Crypto: XRP / XLM / LTC

Regular sessions offer a more in depth and closer approach. Usually weekly or bimonthly. They often produce faster results for that reason (with a full commitment of yours). I specially recommend regular sessions if you feel you lack one or more of the following: Discipline, Focus, Motivation, Quality of Sleep, Sense of Purpose and Direction in life. *Consult for more information.

All guidance meetings we held are confidential. That means I can’t discuss it with anyone but you. You can’t reproduce the teachings we will see in other plataforms (online or offline), without my authorization and credits.

You should not. You have to choose. We will work together if we must. We will do this by alignment, frequency, thoughts, mindset, heartset, values, feelings…

A big misconception would be that of assuming I intend to change people. I am a conduit and facilitator of change. I  guide. I do not change people. That is your responsibility. You must be willing to claim self responsibility. Considering that, changing is inherent to the process itself. 


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